Green Future Innovations, Inc.

Green Future Innovations, Inc. (GFII) is a corporation fully committed towards a green and sustainable development. It is a joint Venture corporation by and among Filipino, Japanese and Taiwanese partners and is a domestic corporation duly-registered under Philippine Laws. Taking from its cue from the Philippine Renewable Energy Program, GFII built and operated a large-scale bioethanol and cogeneration plant in San Mariano, Isabela Ecofuel Agro-Industrial Ecozone.

The bioethanol plant utilizes sugarcane sources that are wholly owned by Filipinos. The plant has a capacity to produce 200, 000 liters per day or 54 million liters of anhydrous alcohol annually, thereby displacing the country’s reliance on imported fossil fuels

The cogeneration plant , after converting ecess bagasse to energy, generates approximately 19 megawatts of renewable power, 13 megawatts of which will be exported to the National Grid in support of the Philippine Government’s Energy Development Program

GFII maintains sugarcane growership contracts with 4, 000 farmer families in Isabela Province thus affecting 20, 000 Filipinos. The plant operations provide employment for 15, 000 workers having a tremendous positive impact to the local community

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